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Child Health Grant Program

At the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, we proudly inspire our community to invest in excellence in child health, research and family centred care. Through our Child Health Grant Program, donations are used for projects that make the biggest difference in child health outcomes.

Our child health funding priority areas include:

Little-Square-Blue.gifBrain Health (Neurosciences and Mental Health) Little-Square-Blue.gifLife Saving Care
Little-Square-Blue.gifCancer Little-Square-Blue.gifGenomics
Little-Square-Blue.gifHealthy Living                                                   

These priority areas benefit one or more of the following areas:

Little-Square-Blue.gifClinical Care Little-Square-Blue.gifResearch
Little-Square-Blue.gifFamily Centred Care

What we fund

We fund innovative projects that usually fall into the following areas:

Little-Square-Blue.gifPilot programs that test a new practice or service to address specific child health issues

Little-Square-Blue.gifIndustry-leading equipment and facility enhancements to improve clinical care and save lives

Little-Square-Blue.gifEnhancements that support the child and family experience at the Alberta Children’s Hospital

Little-Square-Blue.gifStrategic programs of research to increase knowledge and understanding of child health and/or improve health care delivery

Little-Square-Blue.gifQuality improvement research to improve clinical care

Little-Square-Blue.gifEducation and training to build the capacity of researchers, clinicians and other health care professionals linked to a strategy to improve child health outcomes and

Little-Square-Blue.gifSolutions that address emerging needs in child health

Who we fund

We consider funding requests from our key partners:

Little-Square-Blue.gifAlberta Children’s Hospital/Alberta Health Services (ACH/AHS) related to child health needs in southern Alberta: and

Little-Square-Blue.gifAlberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute/University of Calgary (ACHRI/UofC)

We also consider funding requests from non-profit, community-based organizations who work in partnership with one or both of our key partners.

What we don't fund

Little-Square-Blue.gifCore health programs and services

Little-Square-Blue.gifRegular building maintenance or renovations that are not linked to a larger strategy to improve child health outcomes and

Little-Square-Blue.gifStand-alone research projects that are not part of a strategic research program

How we fund

Our application process provides you with an opportunity to share your project idea through an open and fair process, which includes the meaningful participation of our key partners, ACH/AHS and ACHRI/UofC.

The three main steps in the application process are:

Draft a LOI using the LOI Guide and Form we have prepared to help you. To obtain a LOI Form contact us at The LOI is meant to provide you with an opportunity to describe your project – it should be sufficient to provide an understanding of what you wish to do, why this is important to child health and why you require community funding.

We recommend that you contact your potential sponsoring organization as soon as possible to discuss your project. It’s best to make the request for sponsorship while you are developing and drafting your LOI. Leadership from one or more of our key partners must sponsor your LOI, before it is submitted to the Child Health Grant Program. This sponsorship lets us know that the project proposed in your LOI is a priority of our key partners. Sponsorship may take several weeks so be aware of any deadlines that ACH/AHS and ACHRI/UofC may have. For more information about sponsorship click here.

Once sponsorship is secured and your LOI is complete, submit it to ACHF. In some cases, your sponsor may take care of this submission. For more information about deadlines for submitting an LOI click here.

FAQ's for grant seekers

For more information about sponsorship, how grant decisions are made and the LOI Guide visit our Granting FAQ page.

If you have any questions about the granting process or would like to discuss a project idea, contact:

Pat McInnis
Child Health Grant Program


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