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red heart bulletOur Patrons’ Council

The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation receives tremendous support from a group of community leaders – including many past Chairs of the Board – who are long-standing advocates for children’s health. We are extremely grateful for their years of serving as champions for our hospital and the children and families in our community.

Council Co-Chairs: Darcy and Lori Moch

Council Members:

Little-Square-Yellow.gifPaul and Elizabeth Brandt 

Little-Square-Yellow.gifColleen Klein

Little-Square-Blue.gifRobert and Carole Brawn

Little-Square-Blue.gifM. Ann McCaig

Little-Square-Yellow.gifDavid and Cindy Bronconnier

Little-Square-Yellow.gifStan and Marge Owerko

Little-Square-Blue.gifIan and Darlene Bruce

Little-Square-Blue.gifChristopher and Holly Potter

Little-Square-Yellow.gifJoanne Cuthbertson 

Little-Square-Yellow.gifKaren Radford and Jason Grelowski

Little-Square-Blue.gifJim Dinning and Evelyn Main

Little-Square-Blue.gifChris and Brenda Seasons

Little-Square-Yellow.gifRandy and Claudia Findlay

Little-Square-Yellow.gifBrad and Michelle Shaw

Little-Square-Yellow.gifBrenda and Glen Fischer

Little-Square-Blue.gifNancy C. Southern and Jonathan Asselin

Little-Square-Blue.gifDr. Chen Fong and Alice Fong

Little-Square-Blue.gifSteve and Barb Stretch

Little-Square-Yellow.gifDon and Betty Anne Graves

Little-Square-Yellow.gifJim and Vivian Truesdale

Little-Square-Blue.gifAllen R. Hagerman





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