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achri logo updatedThanks to community support, our hospital is able to provide world-class care to help children recover from illness. And just as importantly, people like you enable our scientists to work toward ensuring children—here and around the world—can enjoy the best health possible for their entire lives.


Read the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute's 2018 Report to the Community


While medicine has made great strides over the past several decades, globally, the majority of health research is focused on adults, leaving too many unanswered questions about disorders affecting children.

 Scientists at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) understand that childhood illnesses not only have a lifelong effect on kids, they also impact families and society as a whole.

Thanks to community support, ACHRI has united more than 200 scientists who are working with and within the hospital to find new ways of diagnosing and treating pediatric disorders, and betters ways of preventing their occurrence in the first place.


Our institute takes its place among the most accomplished pediatric research programs in the country. Research at ACHRI ranges from basic science—that is, laboratory work focused on the cellular and molecular levels of life—to patient-oriented translational and clinical research that aims to turn the discoveries of basic science into new diagnostics and better treatments.

Working together, the researchers at ACHRI are creating new knowledge that continually broadens our understanding of the root causes of childhood disease and injury.

New knowledge is crucial to improving medical care and developing the advanced technologies and equipment that can save lives. It’s also important to health policy makers and those who design and deliver health services to children and families in Alberta and beyond. 


And today’s medical science goes beyond the lab. ACHRI’s research program encompasses “bench to bedside to backyard” science—medical research has matured into a broad science that looks through microscopes in the lab to find better more efficient ways to deliver care.

That’s because experts in the field now understand that translating knowledge into new treatments for patients means finding ways to speed up the research engine to better ensure care gets to children faster in the hospital, the doctor’s office, the community and at home.


Making discoveries and translating them into new treatments and cures takes resources and expertise. Since healthier children grow up to be healthier adults who build stronger communities, those resources and expertise are wise investments in our future. Medical research produces invaluable long term benefit for kids, their families and society as a whole. The fact is that when kids benefit, families thrive and communities flourish.

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