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Thank You!

Thank you to all of our guests, sponsors and friends for helping to make Seva Gala a huge success!

Together we raised $75,000!

On behalf of the over 95,000 kids and their families who rely on care from the hospital each year, thank you so much.

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Why give?

To support the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and the 95,000 kids and families who visit the hospital each year. Funds raised at the event will support the Vision Clinic and Brain Health initiatives at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

The Vision Clinic at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, named in honour of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, is the largest in Western Canada, where our internationally recognized specialists care for more than 5,000 children every year. Because of community support, the Vision Clinic is state-of-the-art with a diagnostic imaging lab and treatment facilities and an operating room that contains all of the leading edge equipment needed for eye surgeries and treatment.

Recognizing that brain-based illnesses often result in life-long healthcare needs which impact families and the health system overall, there is a crucial need to increase the fundamental understanding of Brain Health and brain disorders in children and to find new, more effective treatment strategies. In southern Alberta, there are thousands of children affected by neurological conditions such as epilepsy, stroke, autism spectrum disorder, attentional and learning disorders, chronic headache/migraine and sleep disorders.



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