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Our Research Priorities

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Our institute’s research activities cover a breadth of child health research, from wellness and injury prevention, to typical and atypical development, to causes of diseases, to new diagnostics, treatments and therapies.

This spectrum of research is important because advanced technologies are revolutionizing medical research and have opened doors to molecular-level worlds only dreamed about in the past. At the same time, diseases know no boundaries, and this means our contribution to global health has become more important than ever before.  

That’s why today’s medical research is a “bench to bedside to backyard” endeavor. Scientists at the laboratory “bench” team up with clinicians at the hospital “bedside” and specialists in the community “backyard” to better inform, understand and accelerate the process of discovery to delivery.

To focus our efforts and leverage our expertise, we’ve brought our doctors and researchers together to collaborate on three research priority areas:

Thanks to community support, our hospital and institute are recruiting and retaining world-class scientists and promising new researchers to their teams. As well, they are investing in crucial advanced technology required for their work. Donor-funded Next Generation DNA sequencing technology and a new 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (3T MRI) scanner are just two examples of equipment core to the important work in our three research priorities.

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